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QoEVAVE Database

Evaluation Content for Interactive Virtual Environments

6-DoF interactive CGI scenes

Three CGI scenes: Cave, Cinema, and Mansion. Made in Unity for 6-Degrees-of-freedom exploration and interaction. Features acoustic geometry models for bespoke audio rendering, audio files for continuous and event based playback, and comes with MetaXR Audio SDK for plug-and-play audio.

6-DoF interactive CGI scenes6-DoF interactive CGI scenes

Created with the intention to provide a diverse range of audio and visual environments for task-based exploration, and behavior analysis.

CGI Scenes Database

360° audiovisual content

Up to 4th-order Ambisonics audio along with 8k resolution 360 degree video, for perceptual, cognitive, and behavioral research. Available as audio only (.wav), video only (.mkv), or muxed 1st-order Ambisonics and video (.mp4), using ACN channel ordering and SN3D normalization (AmbiX).

360° audiovisual content

A total of 24 different recordings across 12 different settings, through indoor and outdoor spaces with varying acoustic and visual properties. Focusing on daily life situations to provide content more ecologically valid in experimental environments. An average duration of 60 seconds for longer form stimuli.

360 Scenes Database

3-DoF saliency data

Saliency data from 360° video presentation with no audio, mono audio, and 4th-order Ambisonics spatial audio. Available as segmented (10 second) or culminated heat maps from 3-DoF head rotation data, along with scene description from free-verbalization task.

3-DoF saliency data
Saliency Database