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Available QoEVAVE Databases

Quality of Experience Evaluation of Interactive Virtual Environments with Audiovisual Scenes (QoEVAVE). Click here to learn more about the QoEVAVE project.

360 Scene Database

At a glance 📃

  • 12 different scene recordings (total of 26 sequences) average duration of 60s.
  • Maximum video resolution is 8k.
  • Audio available up to 4th-order Ambisonics in AmbiX format (ACN channel ordering & SN3D normalization).
  • Downloads available for audio only (.wav), video only (.mkv), muxed audio and video (.mp4).
  • Spatial and temporal video information availale for all sequences.
  • Previews available on YouTube (with 1st-Order Ambisonics audio)

CGI Scene Database

At a glance 📃

  • Three scenes for 6 degrees-of-freedom VR made with computer genrated imagery.
  • High-quality visual rendering made with Unity high-definition renderig pipeline (HDRP).
  • Plug-and-play audio implementation with Meta XR Audio SDK.
  • Comes with bespoke audio geometry that can be used in more high-fieldelity audio rendering.
  • Available as indivdual unity packages, or as complete Unity project.

Saliency Database

At a glance 📃

  • Head-tracking data captured at 50 Hz
  • Scene description captured after each video sequence through verbalization task.
  • Cybersickness scores available, assessed through the simulator sickness questionnaire.
  • All saliency data avilable for viewing 360 videos over head mounted display with three audio scenarios: no audio, mono audio, 4th-order Ambisoncis audio.

How can I download?

Download links for each database are provided on the 360 and CGI Scenes, and Saliency index pages. Alternatively, you can view each scene page for the respective databases and download scene specific data.



QoEVAVE Database (c) by International Audio Laboratories Erlangen and TU-Ilmenau

QoEVAVE Database (inc. scenes and saliency directories) is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License (CC BY-NC-ND 4.0).

For details, please refer to

QoEVAVE Outlook and Contributing

The QoEVAVE database is an inital step in curating audiovisual content for uni-/multimodal perception, cognition, behavior, and quality of experience (QoE) evaluations. We will be continuously updating the databse with additional scenes, as well as further metadata such as human ratings and saliency information.

We believe that providing open source material sets a strong yet transparent foundation for sharing results, helps foster communication across disciplines, and ultimately paves the way to to a more united research community. If your research team is interesed contributing to the database or having exisiting content referenced here as an attempt to collate audiovisual data for the benifit of the community, please do not hesitate to get in contact ✉️.